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VASA Journal on Images and Culture VJIC

Call for Proposals:
The Photographic Book in Digital Times

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Entry Deadline: Monday, November 2nd 2015 at 11:59 pm

The VASA Journal on Images and Culture is interested in proposals that address the potential and impact of the e-book – specifically photography and  media e-books.  

Proposals may address issues related to the disappearance of the object, challenges, history and possibilities related to the evolution of the e-book.  VJIC is interested in manuscripts, examples, video talks, and downloadables that make an argument or take a position on the impact of e-books on aesthetics, forms of production and dissemination, and the shifting paradigm of control, bypassing the usual avenues of publication and dissemination.

Accepted proposals will be published in the VASA Journal on Images and Culture. VASA/VJIC currently has over 5,000 international members who will have the opportunity to view/read your published work.

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VASA is an online center for media studies
with a focus on photography and digital media arts.

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Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award 2015

Closing date: Tuesday 20 October 2015
There is no entry fee.

Since 1999, the Trieste Contemporanea Committee assigns the Young European Artist Award Trieste Contemporanea to a young Central Eastern European artist with the aim of promoting her or his work on the international art scene.
Now the Award is biennial and open to any young artist aged under 30 (the contestant can also be born in 1985) and born in one of the following countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The award gives the overall winner the opportunity of conceiving and developing a solo show for the exhibition space fo Trieste Contemporanea in Trieste, Italy, opening in March 2016.
The artist will also have a monographic catalogue published for the solo exhibition and will benefit from professional exposure as a consequence of the award.
All eligible applications will be examined by a judging committee comprising experts and curators of contemporary art from Central Eastern Europe, who are members of the Continental Breakfast network.
There is no entry fee.
All applications have to be filled online and must be received by midnight (Italian time) of the 20th of October 2015.

The competition notice and the online registration are available on




VASA is an online Center for Media Studies

with a focus on photography and digital media art

VASA is proud to announce
Issue #5
VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC)

The journal is designed as an open and free online publication.

VJIC Issue five Is Now Online

The VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC) is the latest in what VASA does best: melding the world of scholarship with the media-rich and collaborative nature of the web. The VJIC is a peer-reviewed international online journal for multimedia manuscripts, book reviews, and portfolios in the areas of photography, digital media art, media and visual literacy, and visual culture. Each manuscript, review, and portfolio supports reader comments and discussion with the author and between readers.

Open Call for Proposals

The VJIC is currently soliciting submissions for manuscripts that engage the reader through text, image, video, sound, and animation adding to current scholarship and aesthetic expression. For details on how to submit for publication, please see and select submissions.

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Summer Master Photography Classes
in Krakow Poland
August 12 - 16

VASA in cooperation with the Krakow School of Art is offering one week of
Master Photography Classes in Krakow, Poland.

VASA International School of Photography
The one week in Krakow includes master classes,
gallery visits, meetings with curators and directors.

Documentary Photography: Finding Your Story Tomasz Wiech, Poland
Reading Images: Rui Cepeda, England
Finding Your Photo Gallery: Susan Gamauf, Austria
Fashion Photography: Marzena Kolarz, Poland
Working the Streets: Roberto Muffoletto, USA
Surviving in the Photo World: Katarzyna Majak, Poland

Go To
For More Information and Registration

Registration deadline is 1 June
Classes are limited to 10 students
Inquires should be directed to