from 06.04.2004 to 05.05.2004

Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Doris Krüger, Margriet Smulders, Copa & Sordes, Ursula Palla



The first exhibition of this series surprises with an extension of the notion of photography: Photography engrosses the three-dimensional space as an object or installation: "Carolus" by Doris Krüger (A) are table-like objects. In Copa & Sordes' (CH) video-installation "zimmerbrunnen" ("roomfountain") the water gushes over four monitors and four years.
Eva-Maria Ocherbauer (A/G) appends huge plants directly on a number of walls, so that the visitors find themselves in the middle of the "picture" and nature's elements can become a physical threat even.
The works of the series "Tulipomania" by Margriet Smulders (NL) appear to be photographs at first glance. The luxuriance of her candylike colourfulness and floridity as well as her format demand the same attention like oil paintings and make clear once more, that today's photography presents itself with the same self-understanding as painting.
Ursula Palla (CH), in her interactive video work, leaves behind the print as traditional medium but stays traditional in her vanity theme. As soon as the visitor enters the space of images, the beautiful bouquet of flowers explodes.

Today, the process of arranging natural produce seems to blast the two-dimensional quality of photography. The old struggle between art and nature, which was, on the basis of an imitation and artistry as most realistic as possible in the "nature morte", once celebrated as the victory of art, has entered a new exciting round: Nature, being emphasized in its naturalness, becomes all the more artificial.