CONSTRUCTED REALITIES - Month of Photography

from 11.11.2008 to 10.12.2008

Robert F. Hammerstiel, Ernst Koslitsch, Cata Gonzáles, Aldo Giannotti

Opening: 10. November @ 7:00PM

The World as a Model
The Model as a Norm of Reality
Reality versus Utopia

 Robert F. Hammerstiel undermines in his photo and video work pre-designed life ideals with speechless disillusion of daily life relations or also stereotypical serial situation comedy. „Robert F. Hammerstiel leads us into a world, on which a shadow is cast, upon a consumer apparatus oriented on want production and need satisfaction leads inevitably to: the repeal of the longing, malfunctioning unfulfilled desiring and the end of striving for utopia. “ (August Ruhs)

Aldo Giannottis outrageous humor filled videos document the softening of borders, of control mechanisms, from time and space axes. He is in his performance as an astronaut in which he after years returns, to him, to strange a world (Venice) or as Carabinieri in which he together with Stefano Giuriati undertake a cross border journey. In both cases reality is questioned and at the same time turned upside down.

Ernst Koslitschs
source for Sag mir die Wahrheit! (Tell Me the Truth!) Sind wir noch im Spiel? (Are We Still in the Game?) is the film “eXistenZ” by David Cronenberg, in which two humans are imprisoned in a virtual world, which functions like a realistic computer game. He kidnaps us in a multi media experimental world and far-reaching thought patterns that exist through a symbiosis of real and staged photographs, created by models and collages.
Cata Gonzáles works are based on extraordinary reproductions and constructions, well recognizable architecture and symbolism from the most diverse social areas of modern life. On the basis of her Latin American identity she asks the question about globalization, the powers that be and urban identity, which are subjected to a constant transformation with all their contradictions. 

sponsored by: BMUKK, MA7-Kultur, Cyberlab, Generali Foundation