from 04.10.2011 to 29.10.2011

Susanne Gamauf, Elfriede Mejchar, Walter Mirtl, Michaela Moscouw, Wolfgang Raffesberg, Josef Wais, Hans Mayr, Martina Kudlacek, H. H. Capor, Michael Michlmayr, Ines Nikolavcic, Georg Dauth, Mischa Erben, Pierre Schrammel, Klaus Fritsch, Klaus Pamminger, Anja Manfredi, Ruth Neubauer, Joerg Burger, Maria Ziegelböck, Lydia Neudeck, Fiona Rukschcio, Judith Pichlmüller, Simona Reisch, Andreas Eli, Melanie Ender, Bettina Kattinger, Brigitte Konyen, Brigitte Woda-Stabl, Elke Spiess

Opening: Monday, 3 October 2011 at 7 pm

The FOTOGALE RIE WIEN is celebrating its 30th birthday this year with an anniversary exhibition and a diverse and exciting program.

The show has the quality of being somewhat like a Werkschau, presenting the numerous documents dug out from the archives of an eventful 30-year history, “treasures” that would otherwise remain buried will on this special occasion be exhibited and a cozy lounge area will be set up for the opportunity to browse through catalogues, BILDER booklets (Nr. 1–255), brochures, posters, photographs, articles from the press, and much much more. A video installation with photo and film documentation of past exhibitions and events allows us to recall the past.

On the other hand, all former and current members of the collective will be represented in a visual form with the presentation of their photo and video works. This part of the show also has more of an installationlike, rather than exhibition-like character. The primary goal is to make visible the diverse artistic approaches, the pluralism that was and still is such an important part of the open-mindedness of the gallery. And of course, it serves as reminder to the fact that the Fotogalerie Wien would not have been established or have been able to continue and become what it is today without the engagement and initiative of all the many former and current colleagues.

To mark the celebration of our 30th birthday, we have published a special anniversary issue of our Bilder booklet: a gift to all our visitors, friends, as well as to ourselves. The publication includes the representation of all members of the collective in word and in image, 30 statements for the 30th birthday from photo artists and experts, as well as a
timeline and documenation of the 30 years of gallery activities.

Download our BILDER special as pdf here

Accompanying program:

30 years WUK – Grand opening, Monday, 3 October at 5 pm
All about the WUK birthday program at
WUK music and partyline from Wednesday 5 – Saturday 8 October.
During these days of celebration, “Open House” the gallery will be open until 10 pm. We look forward to your visit!

Wednesday, 5 October 4 to 10 pm:“SECOND-HAND BOOK SALE:”
Our library is bursting at the seams! Come and grab a bargain!At the same time at the WUK: MAZE, Labyrinth Kunstproduktion WUK, open studios and workshops; 7 to 10 pm: Austria Filmcoop shorts at the Fotogalerie Wien Cinema.

Sunday, 16 October from 11 am on: FOTOFRÜHSTÜCK
Come chat, discuss, and network over breakfast. Take the chance to join a guided tour through the exhibition with witnesses to the gallery’s history.

Friday, 28 October from 5 pm on:“THE EXPERT IS PRESENT”:
15 experts are at your disposal for a 25-minute talk! Each registration allows you the unique opportunity to have a personal exchange with artists, curators, photo-experts, theorists, gallerists...
Attention: limited number of participants!
Register online:
list of experts