from 05.10.2004 to 03.11.2004

Sissi Farassat, Midori Araki

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where is the ‘self’ far and wide? Peering intensively into the mirror - our perspective shifts, the assurance of our ‘self’ fades: what is to be seen, what remains hidden? The artists Midori Araki and Sissi Farassat transform the FOTOGALERIE WIEN into a mirror cabinet, into an inbetween of infinite imagination.

"Nothing is genuine, everything is permitted." (Midori Araki)

Midori Araki , co-foundress of gap magazine, considers space as a construct confined from all sides too small – she kidnaps us into a " Garden of Dreams": a mirror cabinet of self reflection, paired with projections of stroboscope light and texts, pictures and sound, which open even the doors to the innermost areas of childhood and memory and lets us enter....

On the other hand, for Sissi Farassat , editor of sioseh, the "smallest photo magazine of the world ", the two-dimensionality of photography and the associated absence of tactile quality is not enough.
She adapts photographs – her own or found footage material - with needle and thread and scatters these with glittering, light-reflecting sequin.
Just as the gold of icon art attempts to convey the intensity of a person’s soul, Sissi Farassat translates and extends this search for the space behind the picture with her sequin....

Come and be amazed!