CROSSOVER III year: 2006,
Photography - Media Art
BILDER Nr. 217
DURATION: 19. December 2006 - 29. January 2007

Christmasholidays: 23.12.06 - 8.1.07

Thursday, 11. January 2007, 19.00
Art radio Transmission (http://kunstradio.at)

Broadcasting live from the installation in all its components depicting the basis material for further CROSSOVER from the transmission studio.
Monday, 29. January 2007, 19.00
Finissage and catalog presentation CROSSOVER

This year's focal point presents works from artists who not only use the medium of photography but also combine it with other mediums, artists whose concept over the years has followed this mixing of photography with other art practices.
We have also thought out for the first time for Crossover, in the sense of a border crossing, a shared project authorship.
The gallery collective has invited three Austrian positions (Gerda Lampalzer & Manfred Opperman: photography-film, Eva Schegel: photography-painting, alian productions: photography-media art). These artists were requested to invite another artist in order to help expand and congeal the theme.

A project from alien productions and Machfeld conceived for the exhibition CROSSOVER III

Both artist cooperatives alien productions (Martin Breindl, Norbert Math, Andrea Sodomka) and Machfeld (Sabine Maier & Maichael Mastrototaro) were given a concept from the Fotogalerie Wien's Crossover for a shifting of positions to radicalization but also a sign that media art does not stand for the most part as a solitary artistic effort but as a collaboration. Which in their case is an essential part of the strategy, all alien production and Machfeld can be is encompassed under the title CROSS TALK a joint installation using all rooms in the gallery.
The installation consists of 3.1. (three to one) modules, whereas each room of the gallery becomes one field of perception out of which a so-called reality is constituted. The big exhibition room is dedicated to the picture the small room to text and the cinema only to Sound. As .1-Module functions as the electronic radio room of the ORF(Austrian State Radio) art radio the installation (in a live emission) as transmission of networks and radio apparatus diffuses.

alien productions and Machfeld construct on one hand a complete virtual media environment, of which the starting point is the digital domain as it is produced in a variety of software programs (3d- animation, text to speech generators etc.). On the other hand they are explicitly influenced by technique and media history where the newly produced images sounds and texts are spatially perceptible through 'old media" like the simple mirrored effect of stereoscopic projections or the speaking stylus or classical sound wave effects as a construction of reality from a virtual environment.

WAZZUP? year: 2006,
BILDER Nr. 216

VIENNA: Nina Dick, Tatiana Lecomte, Anja Manfredi, Rita Nowak, Corinne Rusch, Kamen Stoyanov, Nina Springer, Martin Vesely / BRATISLAVA: Radovan Cerevka, Peter Homola, Andrea Kalinová, Daniela Kápralová, Jozef Ondzik, Viktor Szemzö / BERLIN: Martin Denker, Christoph Keller, Ole Kloss, Heinz Peter Knes, Kitty Kraus, Thyra Schmidt, Henrik Strömberg, Eve K. Tremblay, Ira Vinokurova / LUXEMBOURG: Elvire Bastendorff, Gerson Bettencourt, Luc Ewen, Véronique Kolber, Claudia Passeri, Vera Weisgerber / PARIS: Philippe Munda, Julia Varga, Andreï Panibratchenko, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Vincent Debanne; Gilles Leimdorfer / MOSCOW: Boris Bendikov, Aleksandr Gronskiy, Petr Joukov, Gregory Maiofis, Vladimir Mishukov, Timofey Parschikov, Georgy Pervov, Tatevik Sarkisyan / ROME: Marco Fedele di Catrano, Francesca Lazzarini, Riccardo Mazzoni, Luca Nostri, PH.ON (Roberto Gammmone & Dario D'Aronco), Giuseppe Pietroniro, Corrado Sassi, Marinella Senatore, Silvia Serenari

OPENING: Monday, 13. November 2006, 19.00
DURATION: 14. November - 13. December 2006

WHAT'S UP is mutating into WAZZUP - hype, one change is chasing the other.
What was out yesterday is in today - and the other way around.
This is valid not only in the normal daily use of language; it is manifesting itself also in art-trends.
Who is in, who is favored and pushed?
Apart from invisible tendencies, we wish with our contribution the Month of Photography in its metropolitan density and scope to make it visible and appreciated.
A celebration of photography!
From all participating cities (Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Bratislava, Moscow, Luxembourg, Rom) 3 theorists and other specialists in the area of artistic photography are requested to name 3 artists from their respective city/country who are currently noteworthy in the area of photography and new media.
Selection Criteria's: young or unfamiliar artists.
Through the overlapping of the submitted proposals one person per city/country will be chosen and invited to present one exemplary and recent work.
From all nominated artists, portfolios will be on hand for viewing in the exhibition.

Making artistic tendencies visible
A celebration of photography
The extent of the entire project - Month of Photography - creation of transparency
Exchange of information

Double- or multiple nominations:
Vienna: Kamen Stoyanov / Bratislava: Viktor Smenzö / Luxembourg: Vera Weisgerber / Moscouw: Gregory Pervov
Decision FOTOGALERIE WIEN: Berlin: Martin Denker / Paris: Vincent Debanne / Rome: PH.ON



Martin Germann; curator and culture-producer: Ole Kloss, Heinz Peter Knes, Kitty Kraus
Adina Popescu; curator and author: Christoph Keller, Henrik Strömberg, Eve K. Tremblay
Claudia Stein; publisher, Photography now: Martin Denker, Thyra Schmidt, Ira Vinokurova

Petra Hanakova; curator: Andrea Kalinová, Jozef Ondzik, Viktor Szemzö
Vaclav Macek; director - Month of Photography, Bratislava and Mideuropean House of Photography, Bratislava: Radovan Cerevka, Peter Homola, Viktor Szemzö,
Lucia Nimcová; photographer and curator: Peter Homola, Daniela Kápralová, Viktor Szemzö

Paul di Felice; Cafe Créme, Luxembourg, curator, lecturer, University Luxembourg:
Véronique Kolber, Claudia Passeri, Vera Weisgerber
Danielle Igniti; director, Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange and curator: Elvire Bastendorff,
Luc Ewen, Vera Weisgerber
Enrico Lunghi; director, Casino Luxemburg: Gerson Bettencourt, Véronique Kolber, Vera Weisgerber

Irina Gorlova; curator, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Moscow: Boris Bendikov, Petr Joukov, Georgy Pervov
Olga Sviblova; director, Moscow House of Photography and curator: Vladimir Mishukov,
Timofey Parschikov, Georgy Pervov
Irina Tchmyreva: curator, art-theoretic, lecturer, Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Photographer.ru; Moscow State University of Printing: Aleksandr Gronskiy, Gregory Maiofis,
Tatevik Sarkisyan

Anne Davidian; curator and art-consulting & Adeline Blanchard; art-historian and curator: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Vincent Debanne, Gilles Leimdorfer
Jean-Luc Monterosso; director, Maison Européen de la Photographie, Paris: Martial Cherrier, Raphaël Dallaporta, Marie-Noëlle Décoret
Vladimir Najman; artist and co-coordinator of La Générale, Paris: Philippe Munda,
Andreï Panibratchenko, Julia Varga

Lorenzo Benedetto; curator: PH.ON (Roberto Gammmone & Dario D'Aronco), Corrado Sassi,
Marinella Senatore
Angelo Capasso; art-critic and curator: Marco Fedele di Catrano, Giuseppe Pietroniro,
Silvia Serenari
Emiliano Paoletti; director, Zone Attive, FotoGrafia International Festival of Rome & Anna Gianesini; project-manager: Francesca Lazzarini, Riccardo Mazzoni, Luca Nostri

Elsy Lahner; curator: Nina Dick, Corinne Rusch, Kamen Stoyanov
Michael Ponstingl; curator, Albertina and art-historian: Tatiana Lecomte, Anja Manfredi, Nina Springer
Andreas Spiegl; art-theoretic: Rita Nowak, Kamen Stoyanov, Martin Vesely



MARTIN DENKER *1976 (D);1996-2000 Fine Arts at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald (Ulrich Puritz); 2000-2001 Painting at University of Texas, San Antonio, USA (Roxy McCloskey und Charles Field); Photography University of Texas, San Antonio, USA. (Ronald C. Binks); Photo-Assistent University of Texas, San Antonio, USA (Ronald C. Binks und Swain Edens); 2001-2005 Photography at Academy of fine Arts, Düsseldorf (Thomas Ruff); since 2002 Andreas Gursky´s assistent. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
OLE KLOSS *1975 (D); lives and works in Berlin. Photographer. 2005 Graduate at the University of applied sciences, Hamburg, communication-design, section photography. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
HEINZ PETER KNES *1969 (D); 1993-1999 Photography at FH Dortmund. Photographer. Mainly applied photography and publications of free art work in national and international magazins, which slide between pop-culture, design and art. (Ex.: 032c, purple, butt, Spex, jetzt, Neon, Dutch, doingbird, lodown; www.heinzpeterknes.de ). Numerous national and international exhibitions.
KITTY KRAUS *1976 (D); lives and works in Berlin. Philosophy at HU Berlin; Fine arts at UdK Berlin, masterclass Prof. L. Baumgarten. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 Galerie Neu, Berlin. Group exhibitions (selection): 2005 "The Gone Wait", Gagosian Gallery, Berlin; 2006 Gavin Braun´s Enterprise, New York; "Optik Schröder", Kunstverein Braunschweig; "8:8=1+1", Brunn, Berlin. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
THYRA SCHMIDT *1974 (D); lives and works in Düsseldorf. 2001-2005 Study at Art-Academy, Düsseldorf (Thomas Ruff). Solo exhibitions (selection): 2005 "Plakate im Außenraum" Galerie Gaby Kraushaar, Düsseldorf; Die Photographische Sammlung / SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne.
HENRIK STRÖMBERG *1970 (S); lives and works in Berlin. 1999 MA - Photography, FAMU, Prague; 1997 BA - Fine Art, Camberwell College of Art, London Institute. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Visite ma Tente", Berlin; 2005 "Remains", Galerie/5213/ Berlin; "Berliner Liste", Vitra Design Museum; "Konst i Hessle", Hässleholms Konsthall (S); "Placements", Galerie /5213/, Berlin; 2004 Kirseberg Church, Malmö;. 2003 "7 Scenes", Skanes Konst Galleri, Malmö. Numerous national and international exhibitions
ÈVE K. TREMBLAY *1972 (CAN). 1997-2000 BFA photography major, Concordia University, Montreal; 1994-1995 Certificat - Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, New York; 1992-1993 French studies, University of Montreal, Montreal; 1989-1991 DEC in communications, Jean-de-Brébeuf Collège, Montreal. Awards and Grants: 2005 Artist Residency, CEAAC, Strasbourg, France, grant from CALQ; Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), creation/production grant; 2004 Goethe Institut Berlin - cultural immersion grant; 2003 Canada council for the arts- creation/production grant; Artist residency, iaab &Christoph-Mérian, Basel, Switzerland, grant from CALQ; 2001 Golden Key National Honour Society, University Concordia; 1999 Agfa grant and Price for best overall accomplishment, Concordia University. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
IRA VINOKUROVA *1975 (RU); since 2000 Art-Academy, Düsseldorf (Thomas Ruff), since 2002 (Thomas Ruff) 2006 masterclass (Thomas Ruff). Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Ansichten aus der Stadt K.", Galerie Heinz Bossert, Cologne; "Portrait im Interieur" ,Kunst-Raum, Raum für junge Kunst, Essen; 2006 "RUS 39", Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf. Group exhibitions (selection): 2005 "In der Wüste schneit es wieder", Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf; 2004 "Urbanität und Privatheit ", Stadtmuseum, Hattingen; Numerous national and international exhibitions


RADOVAN CEREVKA *1980 (SK); 1994-1998 Secondary Technical School of Commercial and Decorative Art, Košice, Slovakia; 1999 prof. Juraj Bartusz's Studio of Free Creativeness 3D, Department of Fine Art and intermedia,Faculty of Art, Technical University, Košice. 2003 Bachelor's degree 2003/2004 scholarship at the Academy of Fine Art, Prague, New Media Studio 2, (Veronika Bromová) 2004 Master of Arts's degree (prof Juraj Bartusz). Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Stop násiliu na ženách" Amnesty International, Metro Florenc&Gallery C2C, Praque; "Man, Hero, Spirit, Machine" Gallery Medium, Bratislava; "Shadows of Humor" Galeria sztuki, Wroclaw, Polsko; "Salon of young artist" Gallery in Zlin, Czech Rep. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
PETER HOMOLA *1977 (SK); lives and works in Bratislava. Graduate Department of Art, Faculty of Education - Comenius University; 2006 study of Photography and New Media at Academy of Fine Arts. Exhibitions (selection): "Nonportraits" Billboart Gallery Europe Bratislava 2003; "Form of Direction" Caffe Galeryje Brno 2005; "2 x ritual" Open gallery Bratislava 2005; "Wide Angle" Museumsquartier Freiraum Wien 2005 Awards and Grants: 1st place award in international competition Sony Digital Still Tallent Trophy and Dean's prize for the thesis.. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
ANDREA KALINOVÁ *1980 (SK);1999-2006 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Department of Photography and New Media (Milota Havranková); 2005 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Department of painting, Studio "IN" (Ilona Nemeth). Numerous national and international exhibitions.
DANIELA KAPRÁLOVÁ *1959 (SK); 1974-1978 study course of photography at Middle School of Art in Košice; 1985 Graduate from PJŠ University in Prešov - Education in graphic arts and Russian language; untill 2003 art historian at Vihorlatské Museum in Humenné. My interests include photography, graphic arts and museum education. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
JOZEF ONDZIK *1964 (SK); lives and works in Bratislava. Graduated from Saarik´s University, Medical faculty in Kosice, Slovakia; Exhibitions: in Bratislava, Budapest, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, Praque, Roma, Seoul, Sydney, Vienna and others. Awards and Grants: 1984 Gold Medal of J.M.Petzwall, 1985 Junior Champion of Czech Photographers Federation, 2002 Slovak Institute for Public Affairs, Slovakia, 2004 Transatlantic Culture Exchange grant, , 2005 Prize of Vaculik Advertising Agency, Slovakia, 2006 International Documentary Photo Awards South Korea, 2nd place. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
VIKTOR SZEMZÖ *1983 (SK); lives and works in Bratislava. 1997-2001 studied phothography in ŠUV, Bratislava; 2001-2005 studied phothography in ITF SU Opava , Czech republic. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 - Brno. Group exhibitions (selection): 1999-Bratislava 2006 - Banska Bysrica-Warsaw. Numerous national and international exhibitions.

ELVIRE BASTENDORFF (L); Studies: Applied Arts at der L'Eécole Supérieure des Arts Paris and industrial design at Université Paris / Panthéon-Sorbonne. She works in the fields of photography, video and design. Solo exhibitions and Interventions (selection): 2005 Intervention in Situ, commande privée, Luxembourg; 2004 Installation, forêt d'Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg; Exhibition Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange, L; Exhibition Maison des Plasticiens, MONS, B / 2003 Intervention, forum européen de la jeune création, Stadtparkforum, Graz, A; 2002 Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange - Luxembourg. Numerous national and international exhibitions and festivals.
GERSON BETTENCOURT *1975 (L); lives and works in France and Luxembourg. 1995-2000 Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Metz, France; Solo exhibitions (selection): 2003 "Frisch, Frei, Stark, Treu!", "photographie", Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; 2004 "Frisch, Frei, Stark, Treu!" , "photographie", Institut Français, Berlin; 2005 "Junctions, photographie," IASKA, Kellerberrin (Au); "Junctions, photographie", Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth (Au). Numerous national and international exhibitions.
LUC EWEN *1959 (L); Studies: Ecole des Arts et Métiers, Section Arts Graphiques, Luxembourg. Awards and Grants: 1994 Prix de la National Republic Bank of New York, 2003 Prix de Raville, Dresdner Bank, Luxembourg, 2005 Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2003 Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange, (L) 1997 Biever-Risch Galerie, (L)1995 L'Homme de Blar, with Jean-Luc Koenig, Konschthaus Beim Engel, (L) 1988 Galleri Lyn & Torden, Arhus, (Denmark) 1987 Galerie Vel, Paris, (F). Numerous national and international exhibitions.
VÉRONIQUE KOLBER *1978 (L); lives and works in Luxembourg.. 1998-2001 Photography-Study, Brussels; 2005 Diploma at Universitäty Marc Bloch in Strassbourg. Awards and Grants: 2002 Centre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA) Promotion-Prize for Publication of her monography "reflections", Robert Schuman Prize; Since 1998 numerous national and international exhibitions.( Triennale of the contemporary luxembuorg Photography, Backlight 02 in Finland, Brussels, Madrid, New-Delhi, Washington D.C...)
CLAUDIA PASSERI *1977 (L); lives and works in Luxembourg. 2002-2004 European Institution of Design, Rome;1999-2002 "Ecole Supérieure de l'Image le 75", Brussels; 1998-1999 Academy of fine Arts, Bologna Projects (selection): "Borderline" with Michèle Walerich. Urbain Interventions (selection): 2006 "Kësst-Iech" urbain intervention - ascenseur Grund - Plateau St. Esprit - Luxembourg. Group exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Be my lucky number" - tombola - Agence Borderline - Esch-sur-Alzette; "Issues" - Galerie Nei Liicht - Dudelange; "Exhibiting Transformation" - Borderline - Galerie QG SalzInsel - Esch-sur-Alzette 2005 "Waiting" - Art Workshop - Forum d'art contemporain - Casino - Luxembourg. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
VERA WEISGERBER * 1971 (L); Fine Arts in Brüssel at Ecole de Recherche Graphique; 2-years at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. Since 1996 numerous.Exhibitions national and international exhibitions (Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlends and Romania. . .)


BORIS BEDIKOV *1968 (RU); 1985-1992 Study in Moscow Power Ingeneering University, 1992-1993 private studying photography in Moscow (Alexander Samoilov), 1995- art projects and commercial photography (magazines, design, studios, ad agencies). Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Naked Plastic", gallery "Dom", Moscow; "Visit of the Star" with Leonid Tishkov, Moscow Photobiennal; festival "ART-Moscow" Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery, Krokin Gallery. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
ALEXANDER GRONSKY *1980 (EE); lives and works in St.Petersburg.1996 assistant photographer in advertising studio "F2" (Estonia). 1998 freelance photographer. 1999 joined the "FDB" agency (France). 2000 Culture newspaper in Moscow. 2002-2004 staff photographer for Krasny magazine. 2004 developed a visual image of the Student magazine. 2003 'The Yenisey - River Stories' project and traveling exhibition. Interfoto Moscow International festival of professional photography in 2003/2004. Prizes: 2000/ 2001 winner at the Press Photo Russia national contest in 'Nature and Environment'. 2003 five prizes at Press Photo Russia; the prestigious World Press Photo Joop Swart master class in Amsterdam. 2004 finalist for the Ian Perry award in the UK. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
PETR JOUKOV * 1982 (RU); lives and works in Moscow.1985-1988 studied at Art School No 5, Moscow, 1987 - 1990 studied as a jeweler in Moscow.1996- 1997studied at the Kunst und Medien Schule F+F, Zurich, 1998 - 1999studied at the school "New Artistic Strategies" with the Center of Contemporary Art of George Soros, Moscow 2002-2005 participant and prize-winner of the "Silver Camera" annual competition for the best photo-report about Moscow. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 "The Languages of Walls and Street Paintings" (photoinstallation), Project FABRIKA, Moscow, 2005 "Totalrealism", Galerie FF, ?????, 2004 "Space of the City", "Man in the Space of the City", V International Month of Photography in Moscow "Photobiennale-2004", Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
GREGORY MAIOFIS *1970 (RU); lives and works in St. Petersburg. Studied painting and graphic art at the Repin Fine Art Institute in St. Petersburg. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2005 De Santos Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2004 Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2003 "Parables", at the Month of Photography festival, Bratislava, Slovakia; Group exhibitions (selection): 2006 Photo LA, Los Angeles, California; Art Moscow; "No Eyes", Musee de l'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland; 2005 "Collage in Russia. XX Century", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; Collections (selection): Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Collection "Dancing Bear", New York, Joaquim Paiva Collection, Brasilia, Brazil, Collection of Bank Societe General Geneve, Switzerland. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
VLADIMIR MISHUKOV *1969 (RU); lives and works in Moscow. 1995 graduated from the Theatre and Cinema Actor Department in Russian Academy of Theatre Art. Since 1998 photographer. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Cult of the Family", Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow; "Charleroi, Tourcoing", VI International Month of Photography in Moscow; "Photobiennale-2006", Architecture State Museum, Moscow. Prizes: 2002-2005 prize-winner of an annual competition for the best photo-report about Moscow "Silver Camera". Numerous national and international exhibitions.
TIMOFEI PARSHICHIKOV *1983 (RU); Lives and works in Moscow. Russain State Institute of Cinematography, cameraman. Exhibitions (selection): 2005 "Russian Vision on Europe", Europalia International Festival, Art Centre Rouge-Cloitre, Brussels, Belgium; "4", Moscow International festival "Fashion & Style in Photography", Zurab Tsereteli Fine Arts Gallery, Moscow. Collection of the Museum "Moscow House of Photography" Prizes: 2005 prize-winner of the "Silver Camera" annual competition for the best photo-report about Moscow. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
GEORGY PERVOV *1972 (RU); lives and works in Moscow.1985-1988 studied at Art School No 5, Moscow, 1987- 1990 studied as a jeweler in Moscow.1996-1997studied at the Kunst und Medien Schule F+F, Zurich, 1998- 1999studied at the school "New Artistic Strategies" with the Center of Contemporary Art of George Soros, Moscow 2002-2005 participant and prize-winner of the "Silver Camera" annual competition for the best photo-report about Moscow. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 "The Languages of Walls and Street Paintings" (photoinstallation), Project FABRIKA, Moscow, 2005 "Totalrealism", Galerie FF, ?????, 2004 "Space of the City", "Man in the Space of the City", V International Month of Photography in Moscow "Photobiennale-2004", Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
TATA SARKISYAN *1982 (AM); lives and works in Moscow. Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Department of Printing Arts. Exhibitions (selection): 2004 Exhibition of Young within the First International Festival of New Media Art, Warsaw, Poland; 2006 Exhibition of Students Photography SMOTR , Moscow, Moscow state University of printing Arts. Collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Numerous national and international exhibitions.

MATHIEU BERNHARD-REYMOND *1976 (FR); lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. His work constantly puts into question the photographic medium through and extended use of digital technologies. From very realistic images to imaginary worlds his different series unveils multiple aspects of the same desire to situate the human being in the modern world, both geographically and philosophically. Numerous national and international exhibitions since 2001 (France, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Spain ...)
VINCENT DEBANNE *1972 (FR); lives and works in Paris. National School of Photography in Arles. He is currently represented by the Galerie Hors-Sol in Paris, where he exhibited in February 2006 his work "La majorité silencieuse" composed with "Station" and "Troops of Defense". The Rencontres d'Arles will dedicated him an exhibition on his last series "Station" during the summer 2006. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
GILLES LEIMDORFER *1964 (FR); 1988-1991 reporter for Agence France Presse - AFP 1991-1996 for REA Agency. 2001 Rapho Agency. Free Photographer. Exhibitions (selection): 2005 Visa Festival, Perpignan; "Sorbonne ouverte", Place de la Sorbonne, Paris; 2006 "Cannes Vibrato", Musée de la mer, Cannes; Rencontres photographiques, Arles; Numerous national and international exhibitions.
PHILIPPE MUNDA (FR); lives and works in Paris. Photographer. "La Générale" art place. His work include photomontages from his archives, selfportraits and pictures in relation with people and places. He also works for Magazines ( Mouvement, Standard,W, …). Numerous national and international exhibitions. www.philippemunda.com.
ANDREÍ PANIBRATCHENKO *1979 (RU); opened several spaces in Paris, Lisboa, Russia... Numerous national international exhibitions.
JULIA VARGA (HU- FR-RO); lives and works in Paris. Art studies in Budapest and Paris. Works with photography, texts and video, making installations, projections, books. Numerous national and international exhibitions.

MARCO FEDELE DI CATRANO *1976 (IT); lives and works in Rome. Studies in political science. Freelance photographer collaborating within the contemporary art world with artists like Bob Wilson, Jimmie Durham and Franz West and photographing for magazines concerning other issues. 2003- 2005 lived in Vienna assisted and photographed for the artist Franz West and visited the photographic school of the artist Friedl Kubelka. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
FRANCESCA LAZZARINI *1976 (LU); lives and works in Rome.Graduated in Sociology at Rome's University La Sapienza. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "GE 06, da Guarene all'Etna", curated by Filippo Maggia, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene d'Alba; "FotoGrafia", International Festival of Photography of Rome, curated by Marco Delogu, Tempio di Adriano, Rome; 2005 "Fragments of urban life", curated by Filippo Maggia and Mariella Poli, Italian Institute of Culture and City Hall Art Space, San Francisco; Numerous national and international exhibitions.
RICCARDO MAZZONI *1975 (IT); 2002 graduated at Studio Marangoni Foundation in Florence. 2004 reportage production linked to the environmental impact of the Bologna-Florence high speed railway line. Exhibitions in Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles (France) and at the Tampere Backlight Festival in Finland. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
LUCA NOSTRI *1976 (IT); Graduated Political Science, since 2001 professional photographer, research and cooperating with a number of Italian and foreign newspapers. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
PH.ON (Dario D'Aronco * 1980 and Roberto Gammone *1997) (IT); both live and work in Rome. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "super" solo exhibition galleria l'Union , Roma; "editing 2", site specific project for Gorizia; 2005 "camere" Sound Art Museum , Roma (brano tratto dall'archivio); "open video projects", rialtosantambrogio , Rome; "3500 cm2", rialtosantambrogio , Roma; "angelo,mai!", 8 curators for 8 projects, ex Chiesa san Romano , Rome. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
GUISEPPE PIETRONIRO *1968 (CAN); lives and works at Rome. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Amazeing Friends", Galleria Maze, Torino; "Sperequazione /Il riflesso perplesso", neon>fdv, Milano; 2005 "I Knoww Him Inside Out", galleria Maze, Torino; 2004 "Storytelling,Fuori Uso Pescara; Anrufung des grossen Bären /Invocazione all'Orsa Maggiore", Istituto Austriaco di Cultura, Rome; 2003 Tra-Monti 2003, Notte Bianca, Arti visive, Rome; Numerous national and international exhibitions.
CORRADO SASSI (IT); lives and works in Rome. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Arcadia",Galleria; Traghetto, Venezia; 2005 "Macroneve", Galleria Civica Cortina d'Ampezzo; "Fotografie", Studio Casagrande, Rom; "Carnival", "H", Milano; "Summertime" L'union Roma; "Colorfull life" P. Antonacci Festival della Fotografia Roma. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
MARINELLA SENATORE *1977 (SA); lives and works in Rome and Madrid. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2004 "Castilia", Monitor Gallery, Rome; "time is running out" (preview) Monitor Gallery, Rome; 2003 "Marinella Senatore", T293 Gallery, Naples; Group exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Tracce di un Seminario", Assab One, Milano, by R.Pinto and A.Daneri; "neverending cinema", Gallery Civica, Trento Collettiva" Monitor Gallery, Rome. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
SILVIA SERENARI *1974 (IT); lives and works in Rome. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2005 "Anima Urbis" Di.art.Trapani (Italy) Group exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Spirited Cities and City Spirits" Kamalanayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Bombay (India); 2005 "Download.fr/it" Glaz'art + Nuit Blanche Paris (France); 2004 "Intransito" Castel S. Angelo Rome (Italy). Numerous national and international exhibitions.

NINA DICK *1980 (A); lives and works in Vienna. 1998-2001 Study of Architecture at TU, Vienna; Since 2001 University of applied Arts, photography, Vienna. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Dick / Kollnitz" Betonsalon, Vienna; 2005" Vidéos Viennoises" bétonsalon, Paris; " Dick / Cargnelli / Laukemper / Pernice" Galerie Fleisch, Berlin; " Die Lakonie" Galerie Fleisch, Kunstsalon Berlin; " Stadtist" Artothek, Vienna; "Positionen Junger Kunst aus Wien" Palias Epstein, Vienna. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
TATJANA LECOMTE *1971 (FR); lives and works in Austria. 1995-2000 University of applied Art Vienna; Wien; 1998-2000 G. Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. Solo-Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "reading in absence" Dreizehnzwei, Vienna; 2005 "a forest" Webster University, Vienna; 2004 "promenons-nous" Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg; 2003 "Orte" Galerie Camera Austria, Graz; Scholarships, Grants (selection): 2006 Staatsstipendium, BKA; European Central Bank Photography Award (2. Prize); Atelierstipendium Dachstein:Cult; 2005 Project-Grant, BKA; 2004 Promotion-Grant for Art-Photography, BKA; 2001 Promotion-Grant for Photography City Government Graz. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
ANJA MANFREDI *1978 (A); lives and works in Vienna.1998/99 School for Art-Photography, Friedl Kubelka, Vienna; 1999 - 2005 Academy of fine arts Vienna, art und photography at Eva Schlegel, Vienna. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Transformationen", Fotogalerie Wien on tour, Cultural Forum Tokyo, Japan; 2005 "plateaux", Künstlerhaus MOUSONTURM, Frankfurt; "I can see clearly now", Galerie Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna. Grant: 2007 BKA, New York; 2006 BKA, Paris; 2004 BKA, Rome. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
RITA NOWAK *1979 (A); lives and works in London and Vienna. 1998-2004 Academy of fine Arts Vienna, MS Schlegel. Scholarships (selection): 2005 Staatsstipendium for Photography. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
CORINNE RUSCH *1973 (CH); lives and works in Vienna.1995-1996 Course at the school for design, Zurich; 1996-2001 Study at the University for applied Arts, Vienna. Exhibitions (selection): 2006 Nexus Art Consulting, Vienna; Galerie art one, Zurich; 2005 Years-Exhibition of Bündner artists, Kunsthaus Chur; to be continued, Vienna. Scholarships, Grants (selection): 2005 Promotion Prize of Graubünden (CH); Paris Cité des art, Artist in Residence; 2003 PREMIERE Promotion-program for graduate, Die Angewandte, Vienna; 2003 MAK- Schindlerstipendium Artists and Architects in Residence Program at the Mackey Apartements, L.A./Wien. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
NINA RIKE SPRINGER *1976 (A); Since 1995 Study Psychology (Vienna). Since 2001 University of applied Arts, photography Gabriele Rothemann, Vienna. 2004/2005 Bauhaus University Weimar. Exhibitions (selection): 2006"Kopflast", Galerie Momentum, Vienna; "Kulturelle Identitäten" EESC Gebäude, Brussels; 2005 "Institut für Bildende Kunst" Art-Academy Munster, Munster; "Störung" Kunsthalle Wien im project space Karlsplatz, Vienna; Scholarships, aquisition (selection): Fred Adlmüllerstipendium; Sammlung European Economic and Social Committe. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
KAMEN STOYANOV *1977 (BG); lives and works in Vienna. 2002 Graduate Painting at the national Art-Academy, Sofia; 2005 Graduate Academy of fine arts, fine arts, Vienna. Solo exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Less Politcs", Plattform, Vienna; 2005 "Bingo topology", Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt; "We are late", Thomas K. Lang Gallery at the Webster University, Vienna; 2004 "Modality", Ata center for contemporary art, Sofia; Scholarships and Grants: 2007 BKA, Paris; 2006 BKA, Rom; 2005 Prize of the Academy of fine Arts, Vienna. Numerous national and international exhibitions.
MARTIN VESELY *1974 (A); lives and works in Vienna. 2000-2006 Academy of fine Arts Vienna, Art and Photography - Matthias Hermann Exhibitions (selection): 2006 "Ursprüngliches", Galerie des österreichischen Kulturformums Berlin; 2005 "I can see clearly now", Projektraum Krinzinger, Vienna; "Translation alternatives", Aula- Academy of fine Arts Vienna; 2003 "Dokumentation - Landschaft, Kultur", FOTOGALERIE WIEN; 2001 "En suite - aktuelle junge österreichische Fotografie", Fotohof Salzburg. Scholarships: 2005 BKA, Rome. Numerous national and international exhibitions.

TAKE TIME & RELAX year: 2006,
BILDER Nr. 215
Opening: Monday 09. October, 19.00

Währinger Straße 59/WUK, A-1090 Vienna
Tue-Fri 14.00-19.00 / Sat 10.00-14.00
closed on holidays

In the exhibition TAKE TIME & RELAX for all the works presented the factor of time plays an essential role.
Slowness and contemplation the rearrangement of reality the role-play between the special and banal are characteristics of the chosen position. The observer is challenged to take the time and allow the works to seep in…
Take time & relax!!!
A request for slowness and an attention to details.

Karø Goldt: bouquet, 2006, Video 100 Min.

The representation of flowers, the most famous being those from Breughel, often takes on the form of a bouquet. They are an important source of inspiration in the presented film. The bouquet stands for diversity, wealth, the universal and the abundance, the entire life and human importance in a bunch of flowers. In "bouquet" order and symbolic meaning tell the story of the loss of innocence. Originating from digital photography the shape of the petals overcome their form by translating their color values.

Angie Hicks: Drying Time, 2001, Video 60 Min.

In many works by Angie Hicks exist a connection between work and a domestic ambience. The video "Drying Time" shows the drying of a kitchen floor, which had just been mopped by a woman. This non-event is filmed in real time by a single fixed location camera showing only a section of the room. Through this strong reverence to painting the picture transforms itself from banal to a poetic contemplative experience.

Jutta Strohmaier: Passenger, 2004, Video 9 Min. 19 Sec.

With a fix-mounted computer controlled camera a photo is made of a room every minute over the course of several days. The camera is pointed at the inner side of a bank of windows where the transparency of the windows is always changing by the dominant light outside. While the windows allow only a vague or almost no discernable image during daylight with the break of dusk the background is launched into the foreground. What is seen is the facade of the building across the street. The central matter of the work is a discourse in the diversity of perception spectrums, with the alternating relation between different inner and outer worlds as well as the absolute relativity of this subject.
CROSSOVER II year: 2006,
Photography - Painting
BILDER Nr. 214
Opening: Monday 04. September, 7:00pm
Opening Speech: Ruth Horak

Währinger Strasse 59, 1090 Wien
Tue - Fri 14.00 - 19.00, Sat 10:00-14.00
The gallery is closed on holidays.

This year's focal point presents works from artists who not only use the medium of photography but also combine it with other mediums, artists whose concept over the years has followed this mixing of photography with other art practices.

We have also thought out for the first time for Crossover, in the sense of a border crossing, a shared project authorship.
The gallery collective has invited three Austrian positions (Gerda Lampalzer & Manfred Opperman: photography-film, Eva Schegel: photography-painting, Alian Production: photography-media art).
These artists were requested to invite another artist in order to help expand and congeal the theme.

CROSSOVER II - Cars On the Beach

Light is an essential element in photography and takes a central position in both the works from Eva Schlegel and the invited artist Erik Steffensen. So Cars on the Beach, the subtitle of the exhibition shows vistas of the ocean's horizon in Iceland taken by Eva Schlegel and views in and out of cars from different parts of the world like America China and Japan photographed by Erik Steffensen.
The represented motifs stand for space and timelessness and touch upon themes such as travel distance and desire. Schlegel's static elapsed time exposures of clouds and waves, which steadily and continuously change in form, color, and substance, convene on the horizontal line of the ocean, allows for a painterly picture to arise. On closer observation the divide between sky and water begins to vanish. By this mirror effect, the approach of lightness to darkness and the development of the light values a meditative character is produced. Schlegel's photographs are dominated by the light conditions creating a colorfulness that changes between the black and white and the silver and blue tones.
The photographs from Erik Steffensen are monochromatic. To deal with the monochromatic colors and motifs an intensive debate is based on the history of painting and the light. Represented is the aesthetic of the everyday: autos, windows, mirrors and figures. China Blue is a blue tinted view through a car's windshield strives for the timeless expression of a painting. Any sense of time or season is neutralized by the color filter. Atmosphere and space as well as narration are the focal points of his interests and set due to painting a connection to films and early photography.


BILDER Nr. 213
Opening: Monday 17. July, 19.00

Studio Discussion: 10. August, 19:00


Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna
Tue-Son 10.00 - 18.00 / closed in holidays

A catalog with a text by Ruth Horak and 30 color reproductions accompanies this exhibition. The 40 page catalog with texts in both English and German is available for € 11. Also a hand signed Lambda-Print (Edition-Werkschau Nr.5) 30 x 60 cm in a limited edition of 25, is being offered for € 200.

Anyone who loves their art looks to experience the nature of their technique.
(Dziga Vertov)

The 11th presentation of Werkschau in the Fotogalerie Wien highlights Tamara Horakova + Ewald Maurer. They are two outstanding Austrian artists working in the medium of photography.
Tamara Horakova + Ewald Maurer (both born 1947) have selected works created since 1996 that illustrate their constructive collaboration. The basis of their work originates from the visual arts. Both studied at the Academy of Visual Arts where this exhibition is taking place. They regard their photographic image as something to be constructed, which targets identification with the subject and not simply the pure image. The image is a result of the artistic components, from the materials (light, time, angle) or in regards to the process (test strips) and from the studio (stored paper rolls, backdrops on the walls, or the computer).
Tha manner in which Horakova + Maurer work is less a function of the Modern, as fashionable since the 90's, (with the exception of their series about Mies van der Rohe's Tugenhat) than a continuous explanation for the autonomous status of the artwork, for inherent laws, self reflection and a personal theoretical domain. (Also see their publication "image:/images Views on Contemporary Photography" with contributions from influential Theorists).
The difference between the photograph and reality is at the same time its delineation of the image to the public space. Their photography makes the schooled analysis insecure because they do not play with the theme of desire or spectacle, although they are actually lavishly produced large format photographs. They succeed in making one apprehensive because they are not symbolic or narrative but because it is literally apparent what they are.
Horakova+Maurers works have recently been shown in the exhibition 'Simultaneous - two Collections of Austrian Photography" at the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg. They publish many books and were awarded in 2001 the Photography Review Prize.

CROSSOVER I: Photography – Film
BILDER Nr. 212



The collective of the FOTOGALERIE WIEN would like to present in the Focal Point works from artists who actually use photography but combine from other media. An artist whose concept has over the years has followed this mixing of photography with other art practices. Result: Outlet - Inspiration - expanded image and food for thought.

We have also thought out for the first time for Focal Point in the sense of a crossover a shared authorship.
Three sub groups have amongst themselves crystallized this theme for us by choosing three Austrian artists/positions that best characterize this theme.
Then we requested approximately 2 artists (also couples or groups of either national or international origin) be invited to the subgroups to help expand and congeal the theme.

6. Juni 2006 - 28. Juni 2006
Opening: Monday, 5th. June, 19 pm


Währinger Strasse 59 / WUK, Stiege 4, 1090 Wien
Di-Fr 14.00-19.00, Sa 10.00-14.00
an Feiertagen geschlossen

Accompanying proram and Finissage "CROSSOVER I"

Remembering the Laws of Optics

Tuesday, 27th. June, 19 pm

HIER und DORT / QUA e LŔ year: 2006,
Fotogalerie auf Wanderschaft: Palazzo Costani Triest
BILDER Nr. 211
Eröffnung: Dienstag 9. Mai, 18.00

PALAZZO COSTANZI / Sala Comunale d´Arte
Piazza Piccola 3, 34121 Triest, Italien
täglich/tutti i giorni 10.00-13.00 / 17.00-20.00

Wien und Triest, zwei Städte mit einer gemeinsamen Vergangenheit. Beide städtische Juwele durch deren Lage und Schönheit. Beide auch verbunden durch eine Nostalgie - einem monarchistischen Flair, das die Größe, die Macht des einstmaligen Großimperiums, der K&K Monarchie, anhand städtischer Strukturen, prunkvoller Gebäude und Relikten aus dieser Zeit, erahnen lässt. Beide geprägt durch ihre multikulturelle Gesellschaft mit allen positiven wie auch negativen Aspekten, beide in gewisser Weise auf der Suche nach einer neuen, zeitgemäßen Identität und modernem Image.
Die Ausstellung HIER und DORT - Wien und Triest, ist der Versuch eines Doppelportraits von "hier und dort" von "damals und heute" aus der Sicht österreichischer KünstlerInnen, mit denen die Fotogalerie Wien in den letzten Jahren zusammengearbeitet hat.

Diese Ausstellung ist Teil eines übergeordneten Projekts von Irene Strobl: WIEN -TRIEST: eine Annäherung, zu dem es weitere Programmpunkte in den Bereichen: Film, Video, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Literatur,… geben wird.
Nähere Informationen unter: www.forart.at

Lost Highway, 2006
Biotop aus Beton, Bier und Benzin.
(Michael Hafner)

Die Minderheiten von Triest, 1985
Diese Arbeit über die Minderheiten und Volksgruppen belegt, dass Triest über Jahrhunderte eine kosmopolitische Stadt war. Die diversen Religionsgemeinschaften bilden mit ihren Gotteshäusern (und eigenen Arealen am Friedhof) einen integralen Bestandteil des Stadtbildes.

Triester Straße, 1982/83
Die Triester Straße war historisch gesehen die wichtigste Verbindung von Wien nach der Handelsstadt Triest. Ich habe einerseits versucht die geschichtliche Bedeutung dieser Nord-Süd Verbindung in meinen Fotos zu zeigen, und anderseits den heutigen Charakter dieser Straße der von Verkehr und Geschwindigkeit geprägt ist mit langen Belichtungszeiten spürbar zu machen.

Passages, 2001; 2006
In den Arbeiten der Serie Passages werden Sequenzen zu einem räumlichen Ganzen zusammengeführt. Zeitlichen Abfolgen werden durch das Neu-virtuell-eingeflochten-Sein zu einer konstruierten Bühne aus Raum und Zeit. Passanten werden "Akteure" des entstehenden "Films". Realitäten werden verdichtet.
Für die Ausstellung "Hier und Dort" stelle ich zwei "wiener Freizeitimpressionen" zwei "adriatischen" gegenüber.

Phantom Fremdes Wien, 2004
In den Jahren 1991 und 1992 hat Lisl Ponger im Zuge einer multikulturellen Weltreise, bei der sie die Stadt Wien doch nicht verlassen hat, mit viel Akribie Super 8-Aufnahmen von Festen, Hochzeiten und Tänzen gesammelt. Ging es ihr zunächst um eine Sichtbarmachung von im öffentlichen Stadtbild schlichtweg nicht existierender kultureller Vielfalt, so stellt der Rückgriff darauf - aus gut zehnjähriger Distanz - gerade diesen Akt der Visualisierung wieder in Frage. "Was sehe ich eigentlich? ", heißt es an einer Stelle des von Ponger selbst gesprochenen Off-Kommentars, und nicht nur daran wird deutlich, wie bewusst sich der Film der Problematik des Umgangs mit dem "Ethnischen" ist. Scheint doch in jedem Akt der Sichtbarmachung unweigerlich die Tendenz mit angelegt zu sein, auch das Flüchtige und Diasporische in ein fixes, stereotypes Bild zu bannen. (…) (Christian Höller)

Sisi, 1994
Niemals habe ich meine Urgroßmutter die Wohnung verlassen sehen, auch meine Mutter konnte sich nicht daran erinnern. Vor dem Einschlafen erzählte mir die Urgroßmutter, wie sie als kleines Mädchen die Kaiserin Sisi gesehen hat, die in einer Kutsche an ihr vorbei fuhr. Mit ihr teilte sie "jene Schrecken des Erblicktwerdens"*, die sie ihr ganzes Leben über begleiteten.
(*Juliane Vogel, in Beate Schachinger: "Sisi", NÖ Landesmuseum, Wien 1994)

Archiv des Meeres, work in progress seit 1998
Bestehend aus je einer Karteikarte, einem Schnappglas mit Meerwasser von der Entnahmestelle, zwei Objekten - ein künstliches und ein natürliches, fünf Fotografien (Stand 13.3.2006, 60 Fundstellen)
Wir lieben das Meer. Also erkunden wir Meeresküsten dort, wo uns unsere Reisen hinführen, erwandern die Küstenstreifen und durchstöbern ihre Schwemmzonen und Landschaften. Wir legen Bestände und Inventare an, etikettieren Weggeworfenes und Angeschwemmtes, fotografieren den Akt der Entnahme von Wasserproben mit dem Ziel menschliche Eingriffe in die Natur zu dokumentieren und zu archivieren und führen sie als Beweisstück unserer Anwesenheit am Ort an. Aus dem Projekt Archiv des Meeres spricht, vor allem die Hoffnung auf einen sentimentalen Fund, wie dem einer Flaschenpost, den man als Kind erträumte.

Videospecial - SPIEGELBILDER year: 2006,
Videospecial - SPIEGELBILDER
Fotogalerie Wien - Cinema: Mirrored Images
BILDER Nr. 211
Duration: 3. May - 28. May 2006
Opening: Tuesday 2. May, 19.00
Währinger Strasse 59/WUK, 1090 Vienna/Austria
Tue-Fri 16.00-19.00 / Sat 10.00-14.00

Mirrored Images
In the six selected works for the Video Special - Mirrored Image the psychological moment of the I - analysis, self-perception versus external perception as well as societies reflection in relation to models of appropriate behavior stand in the foreground.

Adidal Abou-Chamat: Hertha und Polly, 2002, 33:40 Min.
Rabea Eipperle: redest du mit mir?, 2004, 10 Min.
Karø Goldt: unilateral, 2006, 15 Min.
Barbara Hauser: ohne Titel, 2004, 7 Min.
Birgit Laggner: Die Moni, 2003, 17 Min.
Doris Schmid: Surface de l´eau, 2003, 4 Min.

Videospecial year: 2006,
Fotogalerie Wien - Cinema
BILDER Nr. 210
14. MARCH - 15. APRIL 2006
TU-FR 16.00-19.00 / SA 10.00-14.00

Actually, everything is completely different. The filmmaker Wilhelm Gaube.
A 2004, Digi Beta 4:3 Color Mono 51 Min.
The onset of the film, Actually, everything is completely different, must have begun with questions such as the following: how do you portray someone who, for more than forty years, has put their artistic effort into making portraits of artists? How do you portray someone who has persistently aimed at getting closer to those portrayed rather than their art? And, finally: how do you make a portrait of someone who, for decades, not only hid these portraits from the public, but also in his films made himself vanish as much as possible as well as in public discussion of the same? The film has found an astonishingly simple solution for these questions: in order to make a portrait of someone who makes portraits, it is sufficient to apply to the portraitist the methods developed in these portraits.
The application of the Gaubesian scheme to Wilhelm Gaube himself, is, however, not to be confused with a reproduction of this scheme: the film could have shown Gaube at the editing table, similar to the way that Gaube showed many of his portrait subjects - with the artist (Gaube) between the film maker (Burger) and the images (the portraits). The film avoids the danger of this type of reproduction, which jumps to the conclusion that the cinematic portrait is art and the filmmaker an artist, by allowing a portrait of Gaube to arise from the traces of his presence in the portraits. It thereby not only uncovers the interpretive power of Gaube's scheme, but at its core it also preserves its secret. Actually, everything is completely different.
(Vrääth Öhner / Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt)

There is a direct relationship between seeing and image. Perception and our habits of perception in regards to point of view and levels of reality are questioned.
bonsoir, 2005, Min. 26 Sec., Color-B&W, Sound
Documentary styled Video-Clip: Studio #1441, Cité international des Arts - Paris (April-June 2005)
raumvermessung_1 (room measurement), F/A 2005, 4 Min. 33 Sec., B&W, Sound
4 minutes und 20 Seconds, 46 Meter Room
channel hopping, F 2004, ca. 6 Min., Color, Sound
(…) Imprisoned in symmetrical systems with their almost endless possibilities. Contrasting abstract perception and the perception of actual intention depending upon distance. (…) (from: "Exemplary Reports "by Nicola Hirner,)
new york new york, USA 2002 (3 Min. 20 Sec. / Color / Sound)
Flags, storm & smoke; New York City Sound. Chelsea-Manhattan observed from 21st floor, 4 months after 9/11)
run SBG, A 2001, ca. 6 Min,. Color-B&W, Music
An endless run through an over crowded touristy street in Salzburg, dark ages & junk* thoughts ringing through the mind (* nomeansno / small parts isolated and destroyed, 1989)

Auf Wiedersehen/ Good-bye
, A 2004, 5 Min. 30 Sec.
After the twelve-hour flight Osaka-Vienna the flight personnel and passengers exchanged goodbyes.
I would be delighted to talk Suffrage, GB 2003/5, 47 Min., OV: Engl., Music: Nick Cash, O.UT
The Suffragettes began their radical fight for the rights of women more than one hundred years ago in the USA and UK. Using protest, civil disturbance, official meetings, formation of their own Parties and newspapers, all the way to hunger strikes for the equal voting rights for women. When the 1910 bill amendments failed their goal was to extend the rights for women spectacular actions ensued including stoning shop windows the burning of large estates and public buildings.
In the video I would be delighted to talk Suffrage villages, squares, and buildings in London are put in relation to each other in this marginalized writing of history. At the same time it works as a City Tour Guide, oral history document, and collaged costume film.

Transformationen / Transformations year: 2006,
Transformationen / Transformations
BILDER Nr. 210
In the first part of the year 2006 (from February till the end of August) FOTOGALERIE WIEN will be renovated. Therefore the gallery will be on tour during this time.
The gallery has been invited by several different Austrian and International Institutions.

The FOTOGALERIE WIEN office and cinema will remain open.
Opening times: Tue-Fr 16.00-19.00 / Sa 10.00-14.00



Joerg Burger photographs our/his ordinary surroundings. He focuses banal situations with the glimpse of an idle stroller. He brings the details of such objects into the center of our attention. Certain situations become stranger through this depiction, and incidental objects develop almost sculptural qualities.
Isolated, and as in classical still-life show their self determination. Architectures (in the broadest sense) can become artificial signs, which suddenly permit areas of association, which are not immediately receptive and/or been specified in any way.
Apart from these, very special associations, the photographs do not give us any reference to a possible reading.
There is neither a "foreshadowing narration", nor any "recognizable order" in the selection of the motives. Rather the impossibility reflects impressions and inclination of the linearity. Here its volatile character usually results in a loud and clear picture if only for short time.
Ambivalence in Joerg Burgers photography results from the contradiction in the evident snapshots. Its still life presentation of the motives in a designed (perspective correct), almost, "built" arrangement of the image space. In addition a temporal dimension enters, which has nothing more to do with the volatile, touching view, but with consciously calculated production, which orients itself both at empirical experience like pictures and scenarios from the mass media.
And we obtain herewith the What and remain with the How to ourselves. (Claudia Slanar)

Première, 2005

I am a component of this world, with this attitude I attempt in the usage of fragments and figures to make the viewer attainable using the theme of the enacted sometimes unconscious showmanship.
Removed as if one could actually take a look at one's own body. I try to bring in order my performers in relationship to the (dream) world. Each time resetting their topologies, reregistering, giving them a new place to belong, promote the deforming of the figure, projecting their thoughts on the wall, reproducing themselves over and over, promoting self cancellation with the use of unlimited figures, until…?
I use small platforms in order to perform the differentiating rolls. I find my themes for my performers through among others the rituals of the art world. The resulting photographs come through the interpretation of the gestures of these rituals. Separation between the others and I is initiated through a metamorphosis and projection towards the viewer. Seen this way we find ourselves in a phony play on a public stage acted out through imitation and alienation by friends and acquaintances. I and the others, the others and I, the others are I, and I am the others.

daily patterns

(…) In daily patterns the pervasiveness of the media and its perception of public and private sectors spreads itself in various ways over its entire environs. Wallpapers and textiles as everyday decoration and adornments just as wallpaper-like pictures become manifestations of the media's routine. Items from the television or the Internet coagulate into reports, whose contextual weave is coded by condensing the point.
Repetitive reporting and the concoction of formats are selected and transformed, in order to merge it into other perceptual contexts. The closer one gets to the intention the more increases an uneasiness and distrust in such a setting, which above all spreads a flair of exclusive comfort by special artificial means.
Even the media's false redemption by the TV program remains repudiated: On a monitor runs an alienating documentary like show in continuous loop. Imprisoned in symmetrical systems with their almost endless possibilities. Contrasting abstract perception and the perception of actual intention depending upon distance. (…)
(from: `Exemplary Rapporte`by Nicola Hirner, fig. 194, Fotogalerie Wien 2004)
Comparably this applies to pattern card series. The motives also function here like pretty picture puzzles and then - depending upon the viewer's distance and concentration - content opens in detail. Recognizable in a postcard, mass media data is thrown back again into a visual consumer world of daily life.

Who is looking for whom and what?

The raw material for Fiona Rukschcio's collages is found footage from magazines and advertisements, often combined with the artist's own paintings.
In atmospheric settings amongst protagonists from celebrity and entertainment gossip, the artist performs herself, taking on different roles and postures: sketches of identities of others and of her own collide.
Transformed text fragments are mixed up with snapshots and appetizers of everyday life of the media; their associations produce ambiguities. The commentary is at times derived from word play, which even lends quality to corny jokes.
In disparate settings and teased by the artist's language, the actors play with the codes and implications of the raw material until they participate in the production of obvious absurdities. At times they rid themselves of the identities imposed by the media: they then run about headless in vacation settings, where not only they, but also the landscape, seem to pose.
But the question of reality and illusion is completely futile here, because we all are posturing - even the landscape can only offer something within the framework of a staging. And also the question: who is looking for whom and what? is finally redundant: because it is we who are the environment.
(Nicola Hirner, Translation: Birgit and Steve Ball)