The FOTOGALERIE WIEN publishes two catalogues annually: for the Werkschau and Theme of Focus exhibitions.


In 1996, the collective at the FOTOGALERIE WIEN began presenting solo exhibitions dedicated to Austrian artists, who contributed substantially to the development of photography and new media in the arts here in Austria.

Since then, this concept, with the title Werkschau, has become an annual focal point of the exhibition program.

The presentations are conceptualized as retrospectives and are developed in collaboration with the artists.

On the one hand, the Werkschau series offers the opportunity to recognize outstanding accomplishments. And at the same time, the Werkschau provides a historic overview of previous artistic discourses and trends.

A catalogue is published to accompany each Werkschau exhibition, providing informative insight into the works of each artist in a condensed format. Numerous texts, a portion of which includes artist statements and biographies, in both English and German, complement the information content.

Postage fees: Local € 4,50 / Abroad  € 6,50 / Overseas  € 8,50

The following Werkschau catalogues have been published to date:

Jana Wisniewski, 1996 / Manfred Willmann, 1997 / VALIE EXPORT, 1998 / Leo Kandl, 1999 / Elfriede Mejchar, 2000 / Heinz Cibulka, 2001 / Renate Bertlmann, 2002 / Josef Wais, 2003 / Friedl Kubelka, 2004 / Branko Lenart, 2005 / Horakova+Maurer, 2006 / Gottfried Bechtold, 2007 / INTAKT-Pionierinnen, 2008 (Renate Bertlmann, Moucle Blackout, Linda Christanell, Lotte Hendrich-Hassmann, Karin Mack, Margot Pilz, Jana Wisniewski) / Inge Dick, 2009 / Lisl Ponger, 2010 / Hans Kupelwieser, 2011 / Robert Zahornicky, 2012 / Ingeborg Strobl, 2013 / Michael Mauracher, 2014 / PRINZGAU / podgorschek, 2015, Maria Hahnenkamp, 2016 / Robert F. Hammerstiel, 2017 / Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber

Theme of Focuscatalogue:

In 1993, the collective at the FOTOGALERIE WIEN began to trace themes that, on the one hand, were of relevance art historically as well as in terms of reflection about medium, while on the other hand, themes that tended to be in the air.

These themes are the impulse and starting point for the selection and successive curatorial development of a Theme of Focus, usually including three exhibitions that take place throughout the year.

The goal is to revolve around a theme exploring all its facets and possibilities, to delineate the current status and, as a result, initiate a discourse in fields of art and theory.

The intense collaboration with cooperating curators, galerists and artists is therefore critical.

At the end of the year, a catalogue is published in summary accompanying the annual Theme of Focus.

Art historians or theoreticians are also invited to provide comprehensive support with articles about the Theme of Focus (in the catalogue, BILDER invitation booklet and at the introduction of exhibition openings) and they are also integrated into the curatorial team and process.

Postage fees: Local € 6,50 / Abroad  € 8,50 / Overseas  € 11,50

The following Theme of Focus catalogues have been published to date:

ZYKLON –  Reflexionen zur Jahrtausendwende, 1993 / INSTALLATIONEN – ARBEITEN IM RAUM, 1994 / PORTRAIT, 1995/ANDERSWO –  Reisefotografie, 1996 / ARCHITEKTUR, 1997 / NATUR – VEGETATION, 1998 / ABSTRACT, 1999 / KÖRPER, 2000 / ANIMAL, 2001 / FRAUEN:THEMA:FRAUEN, 2002 / DOKUMENTATION, 2003 / STILLEBEN, 2004 / REALITÄTEN, 2005 / CROSSOVER, 2006 / PROVOKATION, 2007 / LIEBE, 2008 / PERFORMANCE, 2009 / IDENTITY, 2010 / TECHNIQUES, MACHINES & METHODS, 2011 / APPROPRIATION, 2012 / MOBILITY, 2013 / BIOGRAPHY, 2014 / TEXT:IMAGE - IMAGE:TEXT, 2015 / LIGHT, 2016