In 1985, the FOTOGALERIE WIEN collective began with the publication of BILDER, with the idea of serving as an information gallery.

BILDER is a small 16-page photo book, released 7 times a year accompanying each exhibition. It archives and furthers each of the exhibition topics in content.

It contains texts, image material and biographical data of the exhibited artists and their works. BILDER can be obtained free of charge at the gallery and at other fine art-related locations.

Today, BILDER is one of our trademarks and proves to be a popular collectible. It can be found worldwide in numerous libraries, cultural institutions as well as in private collections.

Complimentary BILDER booklets are available at FOTOGALERIE WIEN and at numerous other art-related locations in Vienna as well as in other institutions throughout Austria.

We mail BILDER to about 1500 interested parties, both locally and abroad. For delivery per post, the gallery collects an annuall postage fee.

€ 17,- Abroad  € 25,- Overseas  € 30,-

You can order BILDER here.